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SPLASH Pledge: Kuro is standing against sexual harassment

At Kuro, we’re honored to stand with our fellow service providers in taking the SPLASH Pledge, a commitment to fight sexual harassment. Enforcing respective behavior and maintaining a safe atmosphere at conventions and beyond is essential to us. We are proud to stand with the courageous women who have spoken out about their experiences with sexual harassment.

Legalweek is a large event for the legal community. This year’s conference boasted about 6,000 attendees. What should have been an incredible week was soured by unacceptable actions toward several women in attendance. Since the event, numerous accounts of sexual harassment have surfaced. This is a reflection of an industry-wide problem, one that we’re committed to fighting against. 

While these events took place earlier this year, the situation continues. We are listening, learning, and educating. Kuro will not tolerate any inappropriate behavior—sexual misconduct, harassment, or otherwise. 

We have to hold ourselves and each other accountable. If you’ve read about the situations that occurred at Legaleek and you’re wondering how you can help, here are a few ways: 

  1. Listen to victims. If someone is sharing a story of violence with you, give them a safe space to speak and be heard. 

  2. Understand consent. Clear consent is mandatory every time, no matter where you are or who you’re with. If a clear “yes” is not given, consider it a “no.” 

  3. Hold yourself and others accountable. If you know someone who has patterns of sexual misconduct or assault, step in and do something. Catcalling, inappropriate sexual comments, and jokes are never okay. 

  4. Speak out and start a conversation. Become involved in pledges like SPLASH and speak out against harassment. Violence takes place in many forms, and it’s a grotesque culture that will continue to thrive unless we speak up and commit ourselves to ending it.

In Legal Tech and beyond, we can do better. If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault, here are some resources and hotlines: 

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