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We care more. At Kuro, we evangelize and facilitate the direct acquisition of legal technology and manage an eDiscovery stack that helps OnRamp our clients. We believe that the most cost-effective way to manage a Project, Portfolio, Large Matter or Mass Tort is to make a direct investment into the people, process and technology. We remove the barriers.


Building Trust. Eliminating Barriers.

Today's eDiscovery software purchase models don't account for the wide maturity range of our consumers. We approach every engagement like we are on the case team. Because we are not shackled to a single technology, we help balance case economics with the right technology. We don't limit ourselves to a single platform for every case and neither should you. 


KURO | Direct

Custom Enterprise

We have yet to find a law firm or corporation that stamps out the same technology, process and people. There is an inherit conflict in pushing the same solution for every problem. Kuro is not captive to brick-and-mortar, single-technology business models. We give you a deep bench of consultants, technologists and operations. Our 40+ collective years of experience was forged in AM Law firms, eDiscovery software companies and supporting complex litigation for F500 legal teams. You have options and Options Matter.

Data Volume


Initial Review


3 cups


2 tbsp.


1½ cups


3 cups


MDL Case Study

The results are in.

We measured two significant costs patterns over a year. When data volumes multiply and costs rise, then the initial review is complete and costs begin to settle. 

A Study in Scarlet

We analyzed costs in three distinct areas: hosting, licensing and professional services against the cost of outsourcing using the same tools.


The infrastructure layer. We leverage purpose built private clouds, public clouds. We also utilize existing behind the firewall solutions. Our teams has the IT chops to manage the interaction between the infrastructure and technology layer removing one of the biggest hurdles in directly acquiring a solution. 


The application layer involves the selection and acquisition of technology. We craft the business need and leverage existing technology where we can. We work with you to acquire, implement and support your eDiscovery stack, from updates to workflows. As much or as little as you need.  

Professional Services

Excellent results begins with excellent people. We think we make excellent team-mates in this process. Because we are not incentivized on hosting large data sets, we can focus on an essential approach to mitigate unnecessary costs. This allows us to consider it all without worrying about profit margins.  


For Example

One of our favorite clients invested in a well known eDiscovery review platform and in subsequent years lost the core people to run the solution. We were called into revitalize the system and support newly certified admins. A month later, a multi-terabyte matter comes in, with over sixty reviewers and multiple firms accessing the data. We were not only able to handle the matter, we migrated solutions from legacy platforms, setup a cost recovery model and tracked $45-60k in savings every month against outsourcing.  

KURO | OnRamp

Not ready for a Direct investment? Have a large matter with small data to start? This is exactly why we created OnRamp. OnRamp is your eDiscovery Stack. OnRamp gives you access to a consortium of legal technology, hosted in a private cloud, shrink-wrapped with Analysts, PM's, DBA's and Data Architects. We maintain access and expertise in a number of platforms so you don't have to. 

The theory of practice.

New Case(s). Old Tech.

Firms leverage OnRamp to get exposure to new technology. Our design is to give fully managed experience to help decide if a Direct purchase is the right decision. We OnRamp your team while building the business case.


No matter the case or data volumes or what types of cases you manage, technology to support it should never be the throttle economically. Technology exists that will help balance the case needs and economics. Let us know where you are in the process and we can help streamline your quest for the right technologies. 

We have experienced the conversations of invoice justification for eDiscovery management. There are better ways to manage the process and technology is available to ensure you have a full understanding of costs early on. We can work with you and outside counsel to modernize the process that will shrink invoice numbers and give clarity completely through the process.


The barriers to service your clients with great review technologies are either disproportionately high or are now a vast spread of platforms with varying options and maturity. Let us understand your core focus and match you with the best options to give to your core clients.  




Resource Management-as-a-service


   the efficient and effective development and management of an organization's resources when they are needed.



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Kuro maintains expertise and access to leading software and infrastructure platforms to advise on the best solution(s) without having an obligation to any one solution. We can even leverage technology you have invested in already.






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